Tuesday, 29 March 2011

29 th March 2011

Hi all
I feel just great now. Just like my old self. I'm even now more independent getting on buses now too.
Gray is now home after his quadruple bypass and is doing well. He was in hospital for a month which was awful for me. I cried every day and got through so many boxes of tissues. But I had wonderful support from wonderful friends and family.
 I am currently haf way through my chemotherapy and have had absolutely no side effects whatever not even sickness or nausea. I lost some hair after the first session but none after the second or third. I may even be lucky and keep my hair and not need the wig I bought!
We currently have my sister in law here who has come to look after Gray. It's lovely to see her as we get on so well together.
I had an epileptic fit on Saturday and bit a big chunk out of my tongue. We read the leaflet with the Epanutin and it says you should have monthly blood tests to check your levels of  the drug and I never have. I've been on it for 3 months. So I booked an appointment with the GP and asked him if it could have been brought on by stress and he said yes it could have done. He's booked me in with Diane the nurse for Monday. I'm finding it very difficult to chew with my bitten tongue so I'm living on soup and ice cream. Can't be bad!


  1. So glad to see you're feeling better! Very glad that you had people there to support you while Gray was in the hospital too. I've been worried about you. Keep that smile shining! xoxo