Thursday, 10 March 2011

26th March

The other day I read the leaflet tha t came with the pain killer co-codomol that I am taking for the pain in my legs and itsaid don't take with the anti sickness tab they gave me to take so I stopped them and felt a lot better yesterday. However I had to walk a long way yesterday which tired my legs out and now I'm back in pain again.
Meanwhile my life has fallellen apart. My husband Gray has had a seccond hearrt attack and went into Sollihul hospital last Thursday .He.s now waiting to be transferred to univedrsity hospital Coventry for a triple bypass. I miss him so muvh and am scared for him.I've got through so many boxes of tissues crying.

We received our cencus to fill in the other day and as Gray says we can't put him on it if he's still in hospital.

Iwas hoping to visit him again today like I've done every other day but I will have to seee if I can get rid  of this pain first. I'll be devastated if I can't go.

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