Sunday, 23 May 2010

Gray's 9th Rebirthday!

I apologise if the colour of this text isn't right but I'm sitting in the blazing sun still nursing my possibly broken ribs! At least I've found a bra loose enough round the back to wear. Am thinking about going to the GP's to get another sick note. The one I was given at the hospital takes me up to Wednesday and I'm day off on Friday anyway so I'll only be in for two days and I could do with another week for these ribs to settle at least. They're not going to be very happy with me at work but it's better than dragging myself in in pain and thedn having to do the long journey back again. The journey would be enough to make it feel worse!
I am wearing the splint just at night now and it has kept the pins and needles away that I get at night with my carpal tunnel syndrome exept for last night. I probably didn't tighten it up enough. I bought another splint from Amazon so nI can wash the other and I think I'mm have to wear it to work in.
I wet in to town on Friday to get some more things for his rebirthday which is today. It's 9 years since his heart attack and we celebrate it each year. This year being his 9th I got him a 9th birthday card and a lego alien! Anyway after my shopping we went for a Thai meal and my ribs really suffered!

We're off out tonight to celebrate Gray's 9th for a balti at one of our local balti houses Varsha.

On Tuesday it's his real birthday. Gray is at work on Tuesday and so would I be if I wasn't off sick. We're going for another celebratory meal at our local Italian restaurant La Nonna.

Anyway that's about it for now folks. xxx

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