Saturday, 19 June 2010

I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon for 3 days time on the 22nd June. But I saw a friend a couple of days ago who had worked with him and the one I had originally been booked in with and gave me some bad reports about him including the fact that he's unapproachable. I had phoned the surgeon's secretary when I got the appointment through the post as it wasn't with the one I had asked for or been referred to. I was told the one I was booked in with had an earlier appointment available and that he'd trained the other one anyway. I said ok as long as he's good and I get on with him ok. Then I saw my friend who advised me to cancel the appointment and ask to be booked in with my original requested one. Which I did. I was told the one I wanted was booked up in theatre for 6 months but I said that was ok I'd rather wait and have him. But you need to be seen within a month I was told. They thought I was a breast cancer patient. I pointed out that I was having a risk reducing double mastectomy and she said that was ok then. I wouldn't have been happy with a Plastic Surgeon I couldn't trust or talk to. I feel it's very important to have a good relationship with your Plastic Surgeon. She said he wasn't in until Wednesday and my original appointment was on Tuesday. Did I still want to cancel and I said yes. Now I am waiting for another appointment through the post.

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