Saturday, 15 May 2010

3 days ago I went for my first appointment with the breast surgeon to discuss my risk reducing surgery as they call it. As she described the risk reduction and the surgery I kept saying that I knew it already! I said I know what I want and who does it! She seemed very happy with that and asked if it was one of their plastic surgeons I wanted to see and it was. I said if he wont do it because of the radiotherapy I would go to someone else! She still seemed happy about what I was saying. She is going to refer me to the said plastic surgeon and a clinical psychologist. If I don't hear anything within 6 weeks to contact them.
I was asked if I'd seen the DVD on reconstruction and as I said no the breast care nurse came in with some booklets and the dvd. I also told them about the wonderful support I'd had from the BRCA sisterhood and gave them the addresses of BRCA Umbrella, FORCE and the BRCA sisterhood group on facebook. They were happy to have them. The breast care nurse was one that looked after me through the breast cancer and it was really good to see her again.

Now my brain is totally taken over by it all I  think I'm going insane! Perhaps I need to see that shrink!


  1. So proud of you for taking this big step. And honestly, seeing a counselor may be a good idea. Sometimes having a professional, unbiased sounding board is a great idea!

  2. Elaine, feeling overhwelmed is pretty normal in this process. There is so much to consider, to think about but it is just worry, nervous tension I suppose. I doubt there are many out there who do not feel apprehensive. Talk about it with those who understand, blog it, however it needs to come out - but you are not mad, honest! x

  3. I agree with Jonesy :) you are not mad!!!

    Hope you feel better today Elaine.

  4. Thank you Teri, Leigh-ann and Zuzz. Yea I'm feeling a bit more sane at the moment! xoxo