Friday, 30 April 2010

Was in London again last Saturday. Left home at 0600 to catch a train and arrived at the Breast Cancer Care site where I met my good friends from BRCA Umbrella I did the Race for Life with last year in Birmingham. Leigh-ann , Lisa and Rian and others I'd met on the web but hadn't met in the flesh ,Caroline, Jennifer,Karen, Lulu, Liz. I hope I haven't left anyone off. We were split in to different breakout groups and I was put in one without most of my friends except for Lulu but I made lots of other friends. Someone asked why are group was formed and the counsillor who took us said we all had something in common-we'd all had breast cancer. Interestingly there was only a couple of us over 50 and the rest were younger. That's what you get with BRCA, I was told previously I'd gone so long without because of my healthy diet as I'm vegetarian and was vegan for many years. Caroline pointed to a lady called Jackie I think she was a counsillor to ask my implant question and guess what? She said a lot of surgeons will do implants for ladies 6 months after radiotherapy and I've gone 15 months. YIPPEE!!!!! The day was invaluable but very tiring for all of us.
Gray went down with me as I'm a wimp and don't like being in London on my own though I used to go there quite a bit during my time in the Navy on my own! He obviously couldn't go to the forum but he went to the Imperial War Museum as he'd wanted to see it for a while and he quite enjoyed it.Afterwards we went to a pub with Lulu and a couple of the other girls for a drink and a chat before catching the tube back to Euston. I asked them about their implants and one of the ladies had her expanders in and one of them said "yo've got your expanders in too haven't you!" Lulu pointed out that mine were real! It was quite funny because I'm quite well endowed!

I'd like to apologise for not putting any photos on for a while but my camera wont work with Windows 7 and are old pc has given up the ghost! I went to Boots to buy a new camera and the lady there looked at all their digital cameras and not one of them was for Windows 7. Can you believe it1 So my camera is useless!

Joy of joys! I received a letter this morning from the breast surgeon about my pbm! She says she wants me to see her so she can explain to me the pathway that they have for undertaking a bilateral risk reducing mastectomy. It's on Thursday 13th May. So the ball is rolling! I've booked the day off from work to make sure I get there on time and I can mentally prepare for it. Gray has an appointment at the Biobank on that day but he's going to change it so that he can come with me.

I'm on the phone at the moment trying to book Tigers tickets for a final match- and they've cut me off! Grrrrrr!

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