Sunday, 11 April 2010

As days go by I'm getting closer to wanting to book that appointment with the plastic surgeon. My first big worry is whether he will agree to give me cohesive gel implants as I've had radiotherapy treatment. If he wont I'll ask to see another plastic at the QE through my counsillor. If I can't have the implants then I'd rather go flat chested. I really can't face having a flap done due to the longer surgery and recovery time. I'd rather use breast forms.

I've put my question on several BRCA webites including the BRCA sisterhood facebook group, BRCA unbrella and Force. A few wonderful people have replied to me, some positive and some negative but I'm still sticking to my guns! Would love to find others who have had succesful cohesive gel implants after having radiotherapy previously.


  1. Hey there - glad you decided to blog about this - maybe we can post a link to this entry on facebook to try to get even more opinions..


  2. Thanks Teri my wonderful sister xoxo