Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sorry folks. I've just spent about an hour updating this blog and I've just lost it all!! I've run out of time now and haven't got the patience to redo it at the moment but I will add that my brother has had his results and he also has the samr BRCA2 mutation as I have. His councilor has told him he will have to wait 20 weeks for his prostate screening!! He is upset about this and is covinced he nust have cancer already! Understandably he has taken it almost as bad as I have.

We still haven't managed to find which side of the family the mutation is on but we found a record of it in a scientific paper from Cambridge which hopefully we can find out more through my councilor.

Anyway I have a lot more to rewrite and picture to re put on and I don't want to rush it as it's getting late so I'll try and get on again in the next few days.

This is Emma the wonderful Dental Nurse who works with me. I promised her I would put her picture on here. She had a cold at the time hence the mask as she didn't want to give it to me bless her!

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