Sunday, 27 September 2009

Nearly in October now and I'm typing left handed due to the RSI so I apologise for any mistakes.

My brother goes for his first counciling appointment tomorrow and he has decided already he wants to be tested but he has been told they don't usually take it at the first appointment but he's determined.

Had a bad day yesterday everything is getting to me again. Worrying about the cancer coming back the BRCA thing, stress at work due to being short staffed with no real help and now RSI! Have mostly tried to keep them all at the back of my mind but in the pub last night Gray snapped at me while I was tryng to keep a fly (one of the many around everywhere at the moment!) away from our beer and he lent on the table and my beer got knocked all over me and I just burst into tears! I seem to be on the edge most of the time!

It's breast cancer awareness month in October and Jordan at work is doing a sponsered pyjama thing round Tescos and some pubs! I said I'd consider joining them but I'm not so sure now I may just sponser her. It sounds great fun. 


  1. I'm sorry you feel a bit sensitive about things. Sometimes you are constantly reminded of what you have been through and what you still face. It sucks. Hope you are through that now and feeling a bit better? I am sorry for not being in touch, life takes you away sometimes and then you go off track. Sending you some friendly BRCA hugs xoxox

  2. Thanks Leigh-ann . That entry reads a bit depressing! I was having a bad day! Feeling a little more upbeat now.
    Don't worry about not being in touch I know you must be very busy with uni stuff.

    Big friendly BRCA hugs to you too xoxox