Sunday, 13 September 2009

Well here we are well into September and we are finally getting some summer weather and it's stopped raining!!
I was going to phone the genetics clinic to ask about the tamoxifen but I got distracted by my wrist which I injured during removing very tenacious calculus at work which I seem to be getting a lot of at the moment. I put up with it for about 8 days before phoning the GP's for an appointment. I was informed they don't book yo in with the GP but a triage nurse first! This was new to me I though they just did that at A & E! But they have nurse practitioners now don't they?

Anyway I went along for my appointment last Wednesday and saw a lovely chatty nurse called Banita.I ahd to wait about 30 minute in the waiting room and as usual when I had nothing else to do my brain brings the gene and breast cancer worry up again! The computerised display that calls the patients in was broken so the were having to go out to the waiting room to call their patient in as we do at work. I walked in after greeting Banita and explained I was a dental hygienist and that I'd injured my wrist and how I'm now finding my job difficult to do. ( I also suspect it's also to do with the fact I,m not suppose to carry heavy weights etc with my left hand due to the lymph node removal). The first thing she said was that she'd been waiting to see me to ask about her teeth! So we had a dental discussion and I advised her to ask her dentist about tepe brushes!  Getting back to my wrist she had a look at it and said she didn't think I'd broken it which is what I was worried about due to the osteoporosis but that it was tendonitis caused by overuse. I asked if it was RSI and she said yes it was caused by that. I told her how it's quite common in my job and I'd been lucky not to get it earlier! She advised Ibuprofen and co-codamol but I said I don't like taking painkillers and I'm on enough tablets as it is. So she said she could give me Ibuprofen gel or cream instead and gave me prescription ant told me to go back in 2 weeks if no better and she would refer me. I may have a trapped nerve and may need surgery!!

I took the prescription into Lloyds on the way home and they told me to go back in 15 minutes to pick it up so I did some shopping and went back but they said they'd got none in stock and could I go back after 1630?
This was all done on my day off  I might add.
Arranged to meet Gray in town on his way home from work for a meal. Had a shower and washed my hair preparing to go out but had a hot flush while drying my hair which put me back as I was covered in sweat. Yes it seems after all that bragging about not getting them it looks like now they've started. My friend Mo says she was on tamoxifen fopr a year before hers started. Needless to say I was ready too late to met Gray in town so I met him at the restaurant instead which is just round a  couple of corners. I was also too late to pick up my prescription as that branch of Lloyds shuts at 1730 so that would have to wait till Saturday. But I 'd been into another branch and bought some Nurofen gel over the counter so I used that instead until Saturday. After 4 days of use the puffiness has gone down today and my wrist is feeling improved but now my palm is painful and my fingers stiff.

This was the Bees against Bristol art Sharmons Park Road Solihull.

Tigers were playing away today and we decided to go watch the Bees play Bristol. It seemed strange to see Bristol ther after their demotion from the premiership at the end of last season. They didn't play very well cosidering and won by a small margin. Bees played much better than I'd seen them play before. We hadn't seen them play for about 2 years. It was refreshing to see quite a big crowd there but then  Bristol took quite a few people with them there was a huge queue at the bar! The Bristol fans must have felt like they were slumming it a bit!!! The game was very enjoyable to watch and the weather was gorgeous and I even got sunburned. I hadn't though of taking sunscreen or sunglasses in September. So now there's melanoma to woory about being BRCA2!

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  1. hey, hope you are well. just wanted to say i've been following your blog. i'm 25 & just finished my breast cancer treatment -- haven't gotten the genetic test yet though.

    my blog is

    i've put up a link to yours.