Friday, 31 July 2009

Well, went to see he onc's senior reg on Wednesday. What a nice man and his nurse too. Showed him my lump on my wrist and explained how worried about it I was as it was on the same side I had the BC. He confirmed it is a ganglion! Oh the releif!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
He said it should go by itself in a few months or so. I told them I had had visions of going there for chemo! He laughed and the nurse Maggie said "bless!"
my next appointment is with the surgeon in November. Perhaps I may have made my decision about having a double mastectomy by then but I doubt it.
If the lump had been bad news I would have wanted it definately very soon.
I am worried about the weight I've put on since going on tamoxifen last November. I was slim at a size 10 before and now I am onto a size 14!!! I am told it will drop off after coming off in 5 years. I'm getting a bit fed up of buying bigger clothes!! The night calf cramps are beginning to get to me too.
However, the nurse said I could go on Arimidex instead if I asked Doc . However that also has side effects as has any treatment or drugs which includes joint pain. I think I'd rather put up with what I've got.

Tomorrow we a have our new vacuum cleaner!

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  1. Gaining unwanted weight is so difficult ... I wish there was an easy answer to that problem.

    All the best to you ...