Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Came back from a wonderful two weeks in Tenerife last Wednesday morning. We had a great holiday and I actually managed to mostly forget this BRCA thing.

This was our favourite evening pub!

More photos to follow as I have to go out in a bit!

However now I'm back this gene thing is back at the forefront of the picture again. Now I'm back at work patients are still asking abut my health and as I have been seeing some of them for over 20 years they are like old friends and want to know all about it!

Gray's boss has expressed a wish for BRCA patients to do a talk for the lab staff to exolain what it's like from a patient's point of view and Gray has put my name forward and I have been accepted to do a presentation. I've never done one in my life before and heaven knows how I'm going to go about it but Gray is going to help! Nothing's definate yet though. The nearest thing to doing that are oral hygiene talks to new Naval entrants and and in school classrooms!

Anyway must go now. Haven't been on here for a while due to lack of time but will try and make up for it!


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