Wednesday, 29 December 2010

New pillow needed

I'm not getting much sleep lately due to pillow problems. They're just not working for me. After I had the brain bleed uthey told Gray to call a paramedic every time I had a neck ache cos I may be having another. How ridiculous! So we went off to John Lewis and bought one of these Tempur neck pillows which worked for for me for while but I had to sleep flat on my back which was uncomfortable. It worked for a short time and then  started giving me neck ache as it was too hard.

I've had trouble with my neck for years due to my job. As a dental hygienist you have your head in one position looking in people's mouths and we and the dentists had to live with neck ache. They still do. One day mine totally seized up and the doctor explained because of having it in one position for a long time it had gone in to  spasm and gave me stretching exercises to do which I did for years to help prevent problems.

So I decided to buy another pillow. We went out yesterday to catch a bus to Solihull to buy one but the local buses were'nt running like they should have been and when one turned up it wasn't going anywhere so we gave up and went home..Gray is back at work today so I've asked him if he can find me one in Brum on his way home from work today bless him

I had a text message from an old work friend I haven't heard from for ore than 2 years the other da I phoned her yesterday and she was really pleased to hear from  She wan'ts to come and see me in the new tear It was lovely to hear from her. It's now0640 am and Gray should be getting up for work now!

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