Sunday, 5 September 2010

I've just written this once and lost it!
I'm feeling bit depressed and tearful today. Am I the only one ever in my family who'se ever had to cope with with this Brca thing. I'm mentally exhausted and frustrated still searching. It just doesn't seem fair. I ordered the death certificate of my great great grandmother today. A shot in the dark I know but worth a try.
And on top of that I feel like Gray is trying to force me to fly to the sun with him. I am a very nervous flyer and I can't cope with that for a while. The stress of a flight spoils a holiday for me sadly. I worry through the whole holiday about the flight back. It goes back to a bad flight we had to Singapore a few years ago.

Anway back to the exiting ironing! Sorry to be a bore!


  1. That's not being a bore, that's being honest. I used to be afraid of flying, but the more I did it, the less fear I had. Nowadays, if Brady is behaving,I can be asleep before take-off! I've become so used to it, it just doesn't bother me anymore...
    The BRCA thing has to be frustrating... trying to figure it out.... stick with it, and I know one day it'll all unfold for you..

  2. Thanks Trei. I don't like sleeping on a plane as I like to keep moving!
    Thanks I really do hope it unfolds. xxx

  3. Sorry I spelt your name wrong Teri xxx