Sunday, 14 March 2010

Here I am late again! Is it 3 months since my last entry I think! Oh dear! I want to add photos but I'm writing this on the laptop and haven't been able to add pictures to this yet as the camera's softwear wont bwork on Windows 7. What a pain in arse!!

Anyway since I last blogged my cousin Pat on my mum,s side has been for counsilling and testing and thank heavens has come back negative. She is now trying to persuade her brother to be tested as he has a daughter and grand daughters. I got nowhere trying to get him to do it , perhaps Pat will have more luck. She's told him if he wont go for testing he ought to tell his daughter and give her the option. On a more positive note I've found some cousins I never knew I had and have been in touch through facebook. Isn't facebook wonderful! Two of them have already contacted the genetic clinic and are waiting for appointments.

We've had 2 wonderful weeks off work! This time was spent as follows:-

The first few days in London as we wanted to go to the Who Do You Think You Are show at Olympia.We weren't impressed with Olympia it isn't a patch on the NEC. It was very interesting and we learned afew things. I learned I can now buy my grandmother's birth certificate on the net with credit/debit card. It wasn't possible before as they said I needed to use an Irish bank. Iwas thinking of opening an account with one! We liked the area of London we were in. The people were politer than in Birmingham and there wre lots of lovely freindly pubs.

That was part1. Part 2 will be on a later date as time is pressing and husband nagging!
Bye for now.

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